LAN Cables

by Networking Guy

LAN cables are the means with which you connect computers to a network, hence the term LAN cable or Local Area Network cable. These cables are now used in most office buildings and in any other company that has several computers. The cable itself would be useless without the specific adapter at each end. These adapters are called RJ-45 and are the current standard used around the world.

There are two types of LAN Cables, the normal ones that you can use to connect your computer to the local network via a switch or a router and there is the crossover cable that allows you to connect two computers in a small network without the need for another device.

LAN cables come in various lengths (if you want to purchase the type of cables that come with the adapter pre-fitted by the manufacturer). These type of cables are easier to use because you don’t need to use the special inserting tool for the adapter (you usually can’t do it manually), you just purchase the cable and it is ready to use. How many of your system admin guys have to do it otherwise?

Basically, there is no official length limit to the LAN cables, but most manufacturers of networking devices recommend that you don’t use cables longer than 100 meters. If you need to use a cable longer than that you should consider purchasing a signal booster.

There are several different wiring standards for LAN cables. One example would be the famous Category 5 (CAT 5) LAN cable that is used in several types of structured cabling for computer networking. You can make this type of cable yourself if you ever need one, from a normal LAN cable that you can purchase at any IT store in your area.

LAN Cables, in general, will never be far away, and you can find one pinned on every telephone post.