Design Issues in Computer Networks

by Networking Guy

We have been talking about computer networks, various methods of connecting computers and so on. However, each of these have issues related with them. Last time we talked about protocol hierarchies and the key issues are present in several layers. I will mention some of the issues that a network engineer must be aware of

  1. Data Transfer Rules- The protocol used must determine the number of channels needed and the priorities to be used. This is based on the mode of communication (simplex, half-duplex and full-duplex)
  2. The protocol that the layers use must be able to correct the sequence of the packets received if they are not in correct order.
  3. Another major issue is the maximum sizeof data that can be sent and received at one go. This leads to the need for segmentation at the sending end and re assembly at the receiving end. The problem is that if the sending packets are too small in size, then the process becomes in efficient.
  4. The sender and receiver identification must be made possible for each layers. This can be achieved by some form of addressing.
  5. A common form of error control and error correction on both the sending and receiving ends.
  6. Rate of sending and rate of receiving must match. If the rate of sending is too high that the receiver cant cope up, it leads to congestion and packet loss. Flow control can be used in these cases.
  7. Choosing the best possible route between the sender and the receiver when more than one path is available for data traversal.